Andrea Martin

Contemporary abstract experimental artist

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Oklahoma Native American. 

Inspired by nature and spirituality.

I rely on my dreams as a muse. My work comes directly from the process of waking and transforming those dreams into a physical reality. 

I use experimental mixed media to develop texture and dimension within my art. With these techniques, I hope to create a sense of wonder and questioning for the viewer. This questioning is not meant to lead to any real answers, the questioning is but a means to deliver the viewer into a realm of growing.

Wonder, question, search, and grow. 


"I believe that if we use our entire being to pour love into our work that we can create a movement. A movement towards joy and peace. Being full of love is how we forge the way and how to show others the path. Creating art gives me that fullness. Because I am full I can give, and because I give I can create new space inside. This space allows me to grow and except more Love, then this allows me to repeat the cycle of sharing my joy. The world needs art. We need people who live their passion. I believe that through ART we can bridge the gap between us and fight the negativity and hate that seems to be ever growing in our world. Art is a defiant Act. I am here to defy. I am here to make love."
-Andrea Martin