Current Collections

Music Man collection-: 2017-2018

Hurricane Room series: 2018

The unlearning: 2018-2019

The Changed: 2019-2020


Painting since the age of 5, art has been the one constant joy in my life. Art wasn't just a hobby, it was more than once my savior. Inspired by my highschool art teacher, I developed a love for abstract art. He once told me, "it's okay to be weird." I took that and ran. I started experimenting with different paint, media, and texture. I fell in love with the process of growing and seeing how different my art became. From 2004-2010 I ran my art all across the Midwest in festivals and showcased my work in galleries in Oklahoma and Texas . Life shifted and I put down my paint brush to become a mother and build a career in the healthcare field. During this time I continued to paint for leizure and produced commissions for friends, but I was denying myself the appropriate time to partake in my greatest joy. Life shifted again and showed me back to my love and passion.

July of 2018 I had a dream, and this dream led me to create a painting that changed my direction as an artist. After laying this dream to canvas, I was filled with a creative power that I could not hold it in. This was the beginning of the series I named the Hurricane Room. The hurricane room came to me with fury, passion, a need for completion, and a sense of responsibility to be shared.  I presented this series at Black Wall Street Gallery in October of 2018. 

With a newly restored desire to create, there was another story I wanted to get out. Following the recent diagnosis of Autism in my youngest of three daughters, I've learned so much about perspective, reality, and observation. My daughter is non verbal at this time, this new series is for and about her. One of my greatest joys is observing her, I watch how she looks at things. She experiences what she sees in a very different way, as if she's feeling vs figuring.  Words are meaningless to her, and I believe this allows her to see things at a deeper level than we can. She's not bound by titles, names, or rules. My daughter moves and jumps and dances when she sees something that interests her, it is such a beautiful interpretation of life. That's what I want to convey, the sensory feeling mechanism of art and it's ability to move you. Drop the words. Dance, feel, and be moved. Be art and let art be. This is what led me to name this series The Unlearning. The UNlearning series was completed and first showcased at IAO gallery in Oklahoma as a solo exhibition in July-August 2019.

During the experimentation process while making the UNlearning series I found something. I created a piece of art using a new media source that brought back a memory that I'd been keeping deep inside of me. The work hit me so hard emotionally that I knew I now had a new story to paint. This story embedded with my past childhood memories is called The Changed. The Changed is in progress and will be ready for presentation in 2020.